A Reflection on Using an Audience Response System to Teach Business Mathematics

In higher education, we are confronted with a number of challenges that will continue to grow in the near future. This includes an increasing diversity of students with respect to their basic knowledge, motivation and learning skills, just to mention a few. To overcome these challenges, we tried to change the instructional strategy from traditional lectures towards a more seminar-like format that actively engages students. The use of an audience response system helped to motivate students to get involved and to participate in the course.

In this paper, we will report on difficulties that arose when implementing an audience response system in a first-semester business mathematics course. We will identify appropriate solutions from a practical point of view and will also give an insight into how we redesigned the traditional lecture in order to successfully launch this instructional strategy. In particular, we will show the extent of the benefit gained by combining an audience response system with a peer-instruction phase. We will discuss advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

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